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WeiviEngineᵀᴹ provides personalised knowledge management tools: simulations, digital twins, and scenarios using tailor-made scientific computing cores.

Your success is our priority.

We're not just a software provider – we're your partner in achieving your goals and ensuring your organisation's prosperity.

WEIVI’s software, built on the WeiviEngineᵀᴹ, elevates your data-based knowledge management and decision-making to an entirely new level. Our way of using scientific computing and mathematical modelling is in a class of its own.

WEIVI’s predictive digital twin technology is used to prepare for and simulate any issues that might arise in your operations enhancing the resilience and crisis tolerance of your organisation. WEIVI’s long term deep-analytical forecasting and dynamic optimisation models allow you to evaluate the impact of your decisions well in advance. You can simultaneously minimise the dangers of unseen setbacks and strengthen your organisation’s operational capability. You can allocate your resources more effectively than ever, reduce your costs significantly, and improve your profitability with our technology.

Imagine a world where predicting the future and true optimisation are possible

A world where travelling is safe and flexible. Public transportation is a real option and schedules are reliable. Your trip is uninterrupted and comfortable. The transportation system is optimised for the needs of both today and tomorrow.

Urban planning with digital twins adapts to any unforeseen circumstances. Infrastructure in our urban environment is highly efficient and respects the needs of the residents. Schools are adequately resourced. City planning provides answers to long term changes in resident profiles. Resident well-being and city vitality are greatly improved. Municipal finances are balanced.

Everyday life flows smoothly. Businesses and society work smart and are resource efficient.

Stop guessing, know for sure!

Your decision-making abilities are a decisive factor in whether your organisation finds success in our ever-changing world. Have more certainty in your decision-making with WEIVI´s deep-analysis!

Your safety as our foundation

Future vision​

WEIVI and WeiviEngine™ ensure your safety by providing a clear vision of the future.

Deep data analysis allows our digital twins to spot real-life causal relations, helping you predict and prepare for future events. Decision-making is safer as you have a deeper understanding of the consequences of different decision paths.


Traceability and repairability

Traceability and repairability in WEIVI’s models increase your safety.

By ensuring a traceable modelling process from beginning to end you will always have access to the full computing path all the way to the final outcome. Unlike the unpredictable black box of AI technology, WEIVI is both traceable and fixable without a long, resource intensive, and yet still uncertain retraining process. Any mistakes or inaccuracies are easy to detect and the system is possible to adjust and fix. Preventing future instances of any similar problems is made simple by easy testing of the adjusted system, at any stage. 

Safe handling of critical data

Absolute data security is paramount when handling critical data.

WEIVI’s software architecture and updates are implemented with a focus on quality and data security. You, the customer, own your own data, and no-one else can access it, or the forecasts and analyses derived from the data. Logic and security are the main criteria for the programming languages we have chosen for our system.

Resource-wise knowledge management for your organisation

Utilise your data to boost profitability​

WEIVI simulates a wide array of alternative development paths in order to form a strong foundation of resource-wise decision-making for your use. Enhanced profitability translates into a strengthened functional capacity for the future.

The importance of resource-wise operations has increased in recent years. Smart and environmentally conscious use of natural and human resources is a prerequisite for both sustainable well-being and profitability. Improvements in profitability lead to improved functional capacity also in the future.

WeiviEngineᵀᴹ deep analytic simulations expose hidden factors within dense masses of data. All organisational data, from the obvious to the trivial, is used in a new way to create a selection of deep-analytical forecasts. With our predictive digital twin technology we can create an exact and focused picture of not only the challenges, but also the potential of your organisation. Our analysis provides you with the following relevant information:

Responsible decision-making

Take sustainable action – ecologically, humanely and economically

Be a part of the green transition of data with the help of WEIVI. Our technology enables you to enhance resource allocation, thereby fostering sustainability and driving profitability growth.

Energy-efficiency with WEIVI

Data storage in data centres uses up tremendous amounts of energy. WeiviEngineᵀᴹ enables the use of the under-utilised side streams of data, cutting down on wasted electricity as well as your carbon footprint. WeiviEngineᵀᴹ uses considerably less electricity than artificial intelligence, something that has an ever-growing importance in future energy infrastructure. Taking advantage of edge computing or on-premises software is an important aspect of WEIVI’s energy strategy. 

Our purpose

We are purpose-driven to utilise our technology and vast expertise in science to contribute to the betterment of the world and enhance global well-being.

We at WEIVI focus on combining product development with theoretical and applied research in accordance with academic standards. This ensures that the distance between theoretical ideas, and the end-solutions and applications for your needs remain short.

We strive to enable our customers’ operations to thrive and engage them in a united ecosystem dedicated to global improvement. Discover our scientific background and meet the WEIVI team.

WEIVI Applications

We specialise in process optimisation in a wide range of different industries. Aided by the highly adaptable technologies of WEIVI, we develop solutions in tight cooperation with our customers.

WEIVI – Pioneer of railway traffic optimisation

WEIVI’s digital twin technology combined with WeiviEngine enables dynamic simulation and optimisation of railway traffic networks around the clock. Our system allows the most efficient optimisation of assets – especially during serious disruptions. WEIVI enables timely railway services and makes trains a truly attractive mode of transportation.

With our technology both automated traffic controlling and autonomous trains are possible without the inherent risks of artificial intelligence.

WEIVI´s management tool addressing organisational resource scarcity

Using the WEIVI management tool, our customers can integrate resource planning data across organisational levels with environmental information. This enables them to predict growth and production rates, resulting in cost savings and higher profitability. It also allows for simulating various resource allocation models to optimise resources and measures in preparation for challenges or downturns. WEIVI creates an entirely new level of organisational knowledge management.

Optimising hospital emergency services

In a central hospital’s emergency unit, you can expect swift and efficient care that considers both patient needs and resource allocation. Our innovative approach uses data and digital twin technology to forecast and enhance patient flows and resource allocation, thereby averting congestion. The combined effectiveness of our digital twin technology and WeiviEngine not only streamlines workflow but also prioritises the well-being of medical staff.

Digital twin cities to enhance resource-wise governance

City management and infrastructure planning benefit from advanced prediction tools like WEIVI’s digital twin simulations. These simulations help align investments with long-term city goals, showing the impact on services, resident profiles, vitality, and finances. By making informed decisions and implementing strategic investments, cities can save significantly and improve well-being. 



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